DOB: 5/6/16

Sir Mortar is also known as “Mort” for short. Mortar is a calm, powerful, yet loving gentle giant. He loves kids, his football, destroying any play toy and thinks hes a lapdog! He’s alpha!



DOB: 11/2/16

Lady Monet is a spunky girl who loves to swim and cuddle with you on the couch! She has the athleticism of a track runner, the power of a weightlifter, and the temperament of puppy. She’s the matriarch!


DOB: 12/10/16

Sir Mitus aka Mighty is a fun overly affectionate bulldog with a TON of energy. He loves to play basketball (destroy his basketball) and pull his sled. Have you seen a Bulldog jump 6ft? Mitus is extremely athletic!



Baby Zara

DOB: 3/30/19

Zara is Mortar’s and Monèt’s daughter. She’s a is a very playful young girl with the most distinguished eyes! She’s also very cuddly and loves to be held!



DOB: 2/24/18

Reign Monèt’s and Mitus’ daughter. She is a perfect blend between her moms eagerness to learn and her dads physical capabilities. She’s a very independent little lady with so much love and energy!

The American Bulldog